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Check out the fun we have! Why are we having fun? Because we saved a bunch of money! Find new Spooners you can Spoon with at events and other locations.

Create your own personal profile and start printing out free coupons offered by merchants in your town or even visiting cities.
You can browse other cities and see the deals offered if you are travelling for business or pleasure. Check out local events where you can meet other Spooners. Leave reviews so other Spooners can see where to save money next!
Find out what your favorite watering hole is offering this week. See where the special screening of the latest movie is showing. Make new connections and Spoon with your old ones. Create a Profile Now!
Spooning is FUN and it's FREE!!
It's a site where you can browse local businesses in your area or other cities to get deals and find events. With CitySpoon, you can know what the locals know and tap into an ever-growing community of good times and great events! Register Now!
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CitySpoon is a way to find deals and events in your city. CitySpoon was created as a resource for people to save money as well as help businesses reach out to everyone in a means to not only help stimulate the economy, but to evolve the social media aspect in events and recreation to meet the local "Spooners." We want you to go through your city and find the greatest deals. Buy vouchers anytime for anywhere. Go to events in your city and enjoy a great show or a fun party. Did you miss an art show? How about that concert? Was it too expensive? We will get a deal on it! We don't want to sit at home and watch tv or just hang out. Explore your city or travel to different cities and get a deal, go to where the locals go, or see a show …so you can save money for that new flooring, that hot apron hanging at the store window, or new car.

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